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´╗┐Ways to Start Selling Handmade Jewelry Whether you are a jewelry artisan, handcrafted jewelry designer or you buy unique handmade jewelry from wholesale jewelry suppliers, you have probably had the plan to sell handcrafted jewelry online. Mostly you had no idea what that really entailed because you knew nothing about the web, other than other people are doing it but you really had no clue how they were doing it. Most jewelry artisans want to set up a handmade jewelry website with little or no marketing budget rather depending on repeat customers, referrals and word of mouth from friends and family of the people who order it. Your friends and family may be supportive but you cannot depend on them. They will not be a major part of your handcrafted jewelry business income. You need to act as if your friends and family will not order handmade earrings or handcrafted bracelets from you and spend your time marketing and finding your true target niche. Once you have a home base whether it is your own website, blog or somewhere else you have to work on driving traffic to your handmade jewelry site. Choose what is most likely to work for you from Social Media sites, Article Writing and Guest posting, podcasting, video marketing, email marketing/list building, publicity and press releases. You will have to learn internet marketing, social networking, web design, search engine optimization (SEO). You will have to be relentless in your efforts and understand that once you get your handmade jewelry website up and running no one will know you exist. It will all be up to you if you want to be successful. Since you don want to spend money marketing you need to put in time. First get yourself a place to sell. Etsy is a good place to set up a handmade jewelry store but every one of this type of site charges fees to set up a store or sell your handcrafted jewelry. This is okay but maybe not what you should start with especially if you have no advertising budget. Personally a self-hosted WordPress or Blogger blog is easy to set up but most importantly free. You will have to learn how to make magic yourself and while it is relatively easy to learn it takes time to really get good at it. There are free tutorials and tons of websites to learn the basics. Then get involved in social networking like Facebook and Twitter to develop an online social media presence. It takes a lot of time and effort to get your handmade jewelry in front of people through these free services but they are very effective. Spend your time building a presence where you think your customers will spend their time. Online marketing requires patience so do not expect overnight results. Get your name out there and keep working. Write about your handcrafted jewelry and post your photos, join social networks and groups to build your contacts. Trust me, if it were easy we would be rich by now, as would everyone else in the free world with a computer. Just know that from the start and decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to learn everything you need to and you will actually have a shot at building a successful handmade jewelry business online. Customized dog tags- For style and identificationHow to buy the best lace wig with bang?All about synthetic lace wigsLook Good When Heading Out With These Fashion TipsGo online to buy cheap lace wigsEnsure that you buy lace wigs that have quality within your budgetHow to buy cheap lace wigs?Amaze Your Friends With Your Photos Using These Photography TipsStatements of Wedding ChuraReviews of Kurti Global Flexible Display Screens Market 2013-2018 Bendable Screens for Smartphones, Tablets, E-readers/E-Paper, TV's and PC'sPrepared Salads Market in Belgium to 2016Global 20 Leading LTE Infrastructure Companies 2013: Competitive Landscape AnalysisProject Management Software - The Best Ways to Make the Most of itGlobal 20 Leading LTE Infrastructure Companies 2013: Competitive Landscape AnalysisSending Large Files - Communication Now Convenient and a CinchAccident at Work Claims - what to claim and what not!A guy requested some articlesNike Air" Returns To Air Jordan III '88 RetroThis is a game used pair of Nike Air Jordan XI